DeiVinum is Life and Peace, it is all we hold sacred in our wines for everyone to experience. Our DeiVinum Red and White Wines come from a special harvest of sacred grapes found in only the most fertile regions of Italy…
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DeiVinum Imports is introducing our “Deivino" Red and White blends to the masses. These amazing blend of wines comes from Italy, home of some of the oldest wines in the world, where grapes grow almost in every region. That is why our sacred blend is a mix of the best grapes, cultivated by experienced vineyards in Italy. Creating a unique bouquet and flavours, designed to satisfy every wine lover lifestyle, including those with the most discerning palate. It is an affordable wine, but yet sophisticated and visually appealing... Read More



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Moderate Alcohol Consumption Lowers Diabetes Risk
An in-depth analysis of research finds that wine holds a significant advantage over beer and spirits. Scientists have found a
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Scientific studies have shown that diets that include wine can improve cardiovascular health. Now, a review of several large studies
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